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apocalypse: empty streets
apocalypse: what lies in between?
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APOCALYPSE: Empty Streets


During these difficult and changing times, the empty streets present a multitude of complexities and questions regarding confinement and freedom, isolation and protection, and the value of human presence and labour, or the lack thereof.


Empty Streets is a digital collage collection made up of pre-Apocalypse photographs that combine images of a world before our current pandemic: a world where expressive walls and bare streets perhaps did not have the same significance as in the present moment.


Our current reality reveals to us the unadulterated truth about the world we live in. A truth that exposes in full capacity the disastrous effects – in the past, present and future – of capitalism on our planet and the people who inhabit it.


These collages aim to reflect the feelings of disorientation, loneliness and self-worth in a world where the economy has more precedent over human life. With hope, all these layers and facts should force us to boldly re-examine the histories which have led us to this point and what we can do to change our current environment and systems during and after this pandemic.

APOCALYPSE: What Lies in Between?


What Lies in Between is a collection of collages that explore the juxtapositions and spaces that define our modern Western world and future; each image combines two photographs in order to represent the ideas, questions and fears that await us.


The title refers to the contrast between the background and foreground and the untold and unknown truths that lie in between. Due to the ongoing pandemic, such truths encompass ever-changing themes regarding the nature of work, value of humans, separation, (de)construction of our future, and past versus future.


Based on the premise of the current pandemic, one has to imagine the drastic changes that may be on the verge of realisation and normalisation, such as the use of artificial intelligence instead of human to human interaction, eradication of specific industries and jobs, public mass surveillance, global medical identification, and intense mass digitisation.


In other words, what does the future really hold for us? Are we experiencing a complete radical transformation of our age? If so, will we truly overcome and eradicate the obstacles that we face? Will it be an open, equal and positive change? Or will it exacerbate the already existing inequalities that exist today?

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